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Connor Campbell - NoGi Leglocks Seminar
16th June 2024 (SUnday) 11am (1.5hrs)
This NoGi workshop is suitable for all levels of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / grappling practitioners and open to all teams and affiliations

Widely recognised as one of the most promising prospects in the UK, competing frequently on the local and international circuits, Connor Campbell is a competition brown belt under Ashley Williams training out of  the famous Draig squad.
Specialising in leglocks for NoGi, Connor will be sharing with us his system and techniques that he employs while competing. 
Acheivements in the last 13 months:
Lisbon IBJJF - Gold
2 x London IBJJF -Gold
Paris IBJJF  - Gold
European IBJJF  - Silver
Polaris super fight winner via submission
British Open Gi - Gold
Naga elite - Gold.

*Seminar space must be booked in the form below*
Fees are:
Members £20
Non members £30
(please pay on the day in cash)

any further questions please email us at 

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