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CHange of Studio space

Members! We will no longer be at the Studios in Broadwater School. We have now shifted to Broadwater school Bistro. Please note all classes (Kids / youth and Adult) will now be held at the Broadwater School Bistro. To get to the Bistro,

When you arrive, please do not park at the 'cage' anymore but instead once you come in the gates, turn LEFT and go all the way around pass the speed bumps and to the carpark at the back of the school. ( where the netball court and hockey courts are)

Once there the Bistro has its own separate entrance (double blue doors) just for us.

Once at the car park, the Bistro is situated slightly on the right ( about 45 degrees) of the car park. You should see the lights on or me inside it setting stuff up.

The Bistro is the structure that has large almost ceiling to floor glass doors and windows.

You should no longer need to enter the school to get to the Bistro.

The Bistro has its own jigsaw mats which we will have to quickly set up for training. Will be disinfecting entire mat space as usual.

If possible please bring your own hand gel just in case there isn't any on site.


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