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Basic things you need to know before entering a BJJ competition

* The following the basic things you should know before entering a BJJ competition (The following is based on the IBJJF ruleset and you should always check the ruleset of the competitionyou have entered as they may be different) Verbal commands

-COMBATE (pronounced as COM-BA-CHE) or FIGHT – The match starts so focus and start fighting

-PAROU (pronounced as PA-RU) or STOP – Stop whatever you are doing, STAY IN POSITION and wait for the referee to tell you what to do

-LUTE (pronounced as LU-CHE) means fight as well. This is let you know that you have to keep fighting and you have to engage your opponent. There will be 2 warnings and upon the 3rd a penalty will be given. 2 points may be awarded to your opponent if you stall or run.


*When match starts, remain focused, do not stop and always fight until the referee tells you to stop. (eg. Belt falls off, tired, etc...) Do not stop fighting and protect yourself or fight at all times. -------------------------------------- Points scoring (IBJJF ruleset)

TAKEDOWN – 2 points scored

*Must keep dominant position after takedown for 3 seconds to score.

KNEE ON BELLY – 2 points scored

* Hold for 3 seconds to score points, must have the opposite knee off the mat.

SWEEP – 2 points scored

* Start from guard or half guard, keep dominant position for 3 seconds after sweep

GUARD PASS – 3 points scored

* Hold side control or north-south after passing for 3 seconds to score.

MOUNT / BACK MOUNT – 4 points scored

* Hold for 3 seconds to score, top player can be up on 1 foot

BACK CONTROL – 4 points scored

* Legs uncrossed, ‘hooks’ in, at least 1 arm held or trapped & hold for 3 seconds to score.

**Advantages and Penalties are given during the match and will be taken into account only when no points are awarded on both side or in the event of a tie. Immediate disqualification for illegal moves and submissions. Upon the 4th Penalty awarded the competitor will be disqualified.

*Points trump penalties and advantages. Submission trumps all. -------------------------------------- Chart for permitted an Illegal moves

------------------------------ The above are just some of the Basics to get you started. The BJJ game can be complexed if you really get into it but the above should cover most of what you need to know to get yourself signed up to a competition to test yourself. When at a competition, remember that you represent your team so please act accordingly. BE NICE and BE TOUGH. Arm yourself with this knowledge and most importantly, go out there and have loads of FUN!


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