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*Please note that all personal details collected here will not be distributed to any other persons / companies. All information collected will be  retained for internal purposes only and will only be used for internals news and promotions.


Do you consent for your email address to be added to our group list so that you will be notified of class times, events, promotions, etc...
I (Member / Parent / Guardian) understand that the sport is a full contact sport & entails possible physical and emotional risks.
I (Member/ Parent/ Guardian) assume full responsibility & voluntarily participate in the sport of BJJ & hold harmless Godalming Jiu Jitsu from any & all liability/ claims.
I (Member/ Parent/ Guardian) agree to abide by any safety - related instructions given by the instructor/s during classes
I (Member/ Parent/ Guardian) agree to allow the use of my or my child’s picture/s for advertising of Godalming Jiu Jitsu (facebook, instagram & our websites)

Thanks for taking the time to fill up our disclaimer form!

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